It is common for most offices to have themes around naming its conference rooms and I have seen themes inspired from super heros, comics, movies, places, dogs, food and even movies of a specific director (Alfred Hitchcock and Christopher Nolan). But recently I went to this office where for the 1st time I had seen a conference room named after a Telugu movie

The movie is Indra, a super hit telugu movie from Chiranjeevi also known as the Mega Star. On further exploring I saw all the other conference rooms in that floor where named after his movies as well. Here are some pictures that I took

Being surprised would be an understatement. I mean not every day you’d come across a software company which names its conference rooms after a popular actor in your native language. Well this way we could say the office is truly regional. And there where rooms after his other movies too – Veta, Abhilasha, Tagore etc. And before I left I did get a picture 😉