Room of Absolute Requirement

How the fuck are the Frustoo’s ever going to let their frustrations out? Well I could think of a solution… they need a “Room”. A spacious empty room with a sandbag (punching bag || boxing bag) hanging in the center from the ceiling. Of course they do need a pair of boxing gloves or else they might end up squashing their knuckles. You might have already guessed what the room is for but as for everything else their is this small procedure that needs to be followed to extract maximum throughput. Take of your shirt, put on the gloves and keep punching the sandbag as hard as possible whilst shouting your lungs out (yeah, you need to multitask). An important point to note – there should absolutely be no external supply of air. So close all the windows and doors, switch of the fans and the AC’s. An additional thought which would give the entire experience an added flavor(tip of the iceberg) is to think of someone you absolutely hate (at that moment). Picture him in the place of the sandbag and I can bet that one would give his best performance.

If you think getting the “room of dreams” needs significant investment of time and money then a  replacement would be to wait for a Friend-Frustoo to get placed so that you can kick his ass.